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Opening 2022

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9 Wardia Street, Glenwood NSW 2768

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At our centre we care for education.

At Mini Masterminds, we set ourselves apart by offering a unique and innovative Prep School Program which we developed in consultation with an experienced Primary School teacher, Mr Jacob Camilleri. Our special program exposes our children to the correct NSW formation font and focusses not just on the Early Years Framework but also the Early Stage 1 curriculum as well. By masterfully merging their lessons in Pre-school and Kindergarten, we aim to prepare our children for their next chapter in life. We hope that by building this seamless transition, we can better equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need in their new schools.
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Childrens education is our top priority

To ensure our children grow in the best possible environment, we’ve carefully designed and built a modern early learning centre with facilities that cater to their every need and interest. Our centre features multiple rooms created with a child’s developmental milestones in mind, to ensure our children feel safe and secure at each stage of their development. On top of this, we have two fun and exciting playrooms to encourage our children to explore, experience and learn on their own. We utilise both of these playrooms in our intensive prep school program to ensure our children are equipped with the skills they’ll need in kindergarten. It is with these premium and purpose-built facilities that we can assure every Mini Masterminds child is equipped with the tools they need for a bright future.

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