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Our Difference.

What makes Mini Masterminds so special is our commitment to provide each child with an unprecedented level of individual care, quality education and genuine love, all of which are guided by our core values.

At Mini Masterminds, our early learning program extends beyond providing a safe and caring environment for our children. We believe that innovation drives development in our little ones. Children experience a variety of different activities and take pride in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. This commitment to quality early learning helps us ensure each child’s best start to life.

Our collaborative approach encourages diversity and inclusion, ensuring every child feels accepted and develops the ability to think, imagine and play freely as they start their life’s journey. Most importantly, our commitment to integrity to our children and parents is ensured in our promise to apply high ethical standards every day through the use of National Regulations and Laws.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to go above and beyond traditional early learning and child care services.

At Mini Masterminds, we do away with the dated early learning methods of set lesson plans, and instead, embrace each child’s individuality and personal growth. We aim to help our children flourish and develop at their own pace in a warm, secure and nurturing environment.

On top of our unique approach to early learning, we care for your child’s total wellbeing. We are committed to ensuring their holistic growth by encouraging not just their cognitive development, but their physical and emotional development as well. To do so, we offer a range of extra curricular activities such as languages and music therapy to stimulate various areas of their brain. And finally, to ensure their bodies are just as healthy as their minds, we provide 5 nutritious meals daily prepared on-site by our personal chef.

It is by offering all this, under the watchful guidance of our passionate educators, that we can ensure your child gets the care that they need.

Our Curriculum.

At Mini Masterminds, we make your child’s education our top priority

Grounded on the knowledge that each child develops at their own pace, we’ve designed a dynamic curriculum centred around the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) – Belonging, Being and Becoming. Our early learning curriculum helps stimulate our children’s development by exposing them to various activities and following up on their individual interests. By encouraging our children to speak up and through embracing their unique ideas, we can help them grow into smart, confident and capable individuals.

At Mini Masterminds, we set ourselves apart by offering a unique and innovative Prep School Program which we developed in consultation with an experienced Primary School teacher, Mr Jacob Camilleri. Our special program exposes our children to the correct NSW Foundation Font and focusses not just on the Early Years Framework but also the Early Stage 1 curriculum as well. By masterfully merging their lessons in Pre-school and Kindergarten, we aim to prepare our children for their next chapter in life. We hope that by building this seamless transition, we can better equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need in their new schools.

It is this complete reinvention of what quality childcare is, and how it is provided, that truly makes Mini Masterminds different.

Our Values

Individual Care

We treat every child as an individual and are responsive to their individual interests, needs and abilities, supporting their overall physical, social, cognitive and emotional development and wellbeing .

Quality Education

We believe that quality education goes beyond just academics. Our curriculum is designed to form a strong base for lifelong learning, enabling our children to transition into their schooling years smoothly.

Genuine Love

We genuinely love and care for each child that attends our centre. We have a sincere interest in the wellbeing and happiness of your child and this is at forefront of everything that we do.

Our CSR Approach

Mini Masterminds recognises that our business has direct and indirect impact on the communities in which we operate. Our “Make a Mark” initiative is in honour of the late Mark Saman. Mark was determined to positively change lives and provide opportunities to disadvantaged individuals. Mark’s dream was inspired by his own difficulties, acknowledging that it was the support and opportunities that were afforded to him by his family and his faith which got him through times of hardship. As a result of his newfound direction and charitable works, Mark realised that the simple act of kindness he was awarded is also one which highlights the many social injustices and unfair disparities in today’s world.

Mark’s hope was to provide disadvantaged individuals with daily essentials like food, clothing, and sanitary items, helping to restore their dignity and providing them with the shoulder of support they need.

Inspired by Mark’s dream, our “Leave a Mark” initiative allows Mini Masterminds to undertake numerous charitable works to make a small positive impact to many individuals in need.

Mark passed away at the early age of 31, leaving behind his three-year-old son and wife. It is with great pride that we at Mini Masterminds can make Mark’s dream a reality and help conquer the great divide.

Sustainability and our Footprint

We believe that the best way to educate our youngsters in sustainability is by being a leader in reducing our carbon footprint and being conscious of the fragility of our environment, by understanding the importance of preserving our world for tomorrow’s generations.

Each of our centres are equipped with advanced sustainability features and recycling programs to provide our children with the hands-on-experience to captivate their interest and enhance their learning on the impact we have on our environment.

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