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Child Care Services In Sydney Olympic Park, Guildford & Rockdale

At Mini Masterminds, we know that caring for your child’s cognitive improvement is not enough. We’ve made it our goal to ensure your child’s holistic growth by introducing extra-curricular activities that nurture their emotional, social and physical development. Each of our classes has been specially designed to be age-appropriate to offer our children a safe daycare centre to learn at a pace they’re comfortable in.

Extra-Curricular Activities


By stimulating every facet of their being, our child care services can help them grow to become more self-assured and confident in their abilities.
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At Mini Masterminds, our early learning services extend well beyond just providing a safe and caring environment for our children.

We believe that innovation drives development in our little ones. By exposing our children to a variety of different experiences and activities, we help them take pride in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. This commitment to quality helps us ensure each child’s best start to life.

Our collaborative approach to early learning services encourages diversity and inclusion, ensuring every child feels accepted and develops the ability to think, imagine and play freely as they start their life’s journey.


Our Vision

Our vision is to go above and beyond traditional child care services.

At Mini Masterminds, we do away with the dated learning methods of set lesson plans, and instead, embrace each child’s individuality and personal growth. We aim to help our children flourish and develop at their own pace in a warm, secure and nurturing environment.


Our Difference

At Mini Masterminds, our service extends well beyond just providing a safe and caring environment for our children.

What makes Mini Masterminds so uniquely special is our relentless commitment to provide each child with an unprecedented level of individual care, quality education and genuine love, all of which are guided by our core values.


Prepare your child for a bright future today!