6 weeks – 2 years: Emergent Language, Beginning Relationships

Mini Masterminds takes pride in partnering with parents during their child’s first childcare experience.

We provide an outstanding nursery program where our passion for nurturing and caring for our youngest Minis is demonstrated in everything we do. Our Educators extend the trust and support needed for our littlest Minis to explore, learn and grow in dedicated indoor and outdoor nursery rooms.

Loving care and individualised attention are the cornerstone of our Nursery Program. We have invested in the creation of beautifully appointed spaces for development and play where our Educators have arranged intentional learning environments for our Minis.

Our littlest Minis graduate from tummy time to crawling and walking in a safe and engaging environment. We understand the importance of sleep for infants. Our serene sleep space is lovingly curated to lull little ones to sleep in an environment designed for rest and relaxation.


Our babies engage in enjoyable interactions as they make and play with sounds. Our educators are attuned to respond sensitively and encouragingly as our youngest Minis begin to communicate. We value the linguistic heritage of the children in our care and work with families to build upon a child’s language at home.

The first few years of a child’s life are a time of rapid growth and our specially appointed nursery rooms are filled with baby gym equipment that encourages exploration and gross motor skill development.

Babies are born social creatures, connecting with their caregivers through social smiles and nurturing interactions. Our youngest Minis enjoy the company of other babies as they learn to navigate new environments. Our babies participate in parallel play, an important first step in learning how to play with others.

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