Mini Masterminds

Mini Champions

activity-iconPromotes muscle strength and coordination

Physical development is just as important as mental stimulation! Mini Champions class is a mixed sports program that is specially designed to promote the development of both large and small muscles groups, all while learning important social skills including co-operation and teamwork.


activity-iconBoosts cross-cultural understanding

At Mini Masterminds Early Learning Centres, we do our best to expand our children’s horizons by exposing them to different cultures. Because of this, we offer on-site Mandarin lessons! On top of simply learning about other cultures, language lessons has also been proven to help children become better at solving complex problems and understanding different forms of communication!

Mini Swim Stars

activity-iconPromotes flexibility and co-ordination

At Mini Masterminds Early Learning Centres, we understand the importance of learning how to swim. Apart from being an essential life skill, swimming has been linked to a multitude of physical and psychological benefits including strengthening their muscles and joints, building lung capacity and improving their co-ordination.

Mini Chefs

activity-iconEngages and develops their curiosity

At Mini Masterminds, we’ve incorporated a stimulating cooking class that encourages our children to experiment in the kitchen while learning about basic cooking techniques and making smart food choices. In addition to this, our early learning centre has hands-on cooking lessons to in-still kitchen safety, food preparation and proper food handling practices in our children.

Yoga Classes

activity-iconTeaches positivity and self-acceptance

At Mini Masterminds Early Learning Centres, we endeavour to care for not only our children’s physical development but their mental wellbeing as well. To do so, we’ve created an enjoyable yoga program suited for our 2- to 5-year olds! With the help of our yoga classes, we are able to keep their minds and bodies healthy by channeling their energy towards a positive outlet and enhancing their flexibility.

Prepare your child for a bright future today!